Korozon products will disinfect surfaces, decontaminate indoor air, and ensure the safety of public gatherings for years to come 


Sanitation Solutions

Through investigating the antimicrobial properties of both gaseous and aqueous ozone molecules, Ship & Shore Technologies has engineered safe, innovative, and inexpensive methods for microbial disinfection. Korozon products are guaranteed to destroy viruses, bacteria, and other potentially harmful microbes in any given area. 

Dedicated to providing Clean Air Solutions, Ship & Shore Environmental aims to restore the former sense of normalcy in attending public events. Fear of infection should no longer limit individuals’ decisions.

Our products utilize aqueous ozone mist (ozone-infused water) for surface disinfection while utilizing gaseous ozone for airborne disinfection. Through extensive testing, Korozon has developed methodologies to produce ozone at ideal concentrations which will not oxidize surrounding materials. 

How It Works

As one of the most powerful oxidizers, ozone kills all contacted microbes at the molecular level. 

Safety, Controls &


As with all capital equipment, proper care and attention to safety regulations is vital. Ozone sensors in the systems will ensure concentrations do not reach drastically high levels. User-friendly designs include a touchscreen, a timer, and options for portability. Because of ozone’s short half-life, chemical residue following a clean will be nonexistent. 



The Ship & Shore Korozon product lines can be employed for, but not limited to, the following:

  • Hospitality Industry (Hotels, Motels, Resorts) 
  • Airplanes and Airports 
  • Public Transportation 
  • Cruise Lines
  • Malls and Stores 
  • Casinos and Convention Arenas 
  • Schools, Universities, and Student Centers 
  • Gym, Spas, and Recreational Areas 
  • Libraries 
  • Industrial Cleaning Facilities 
  • HVAC Systems in Buildings

System Prototype

Spray Prototype



Investing in Korozon systems will protect you and your team’s physical, mental, and most importantly, professional health. For other investment opportunities into Korozon’s innovative decontamination solutions then  contact Ship & Shore Technologies at (562) 997-0233 or info@shipandshore.com

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The Future of Decontamination 

Misting Sterilizer Prototype

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